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Pre and Post Migration Tasks

If you use Outlook 2011 for MacApple Mail or Thunderbird please see these instructions here on how to find large messages.

Pre Migration Tasks

Firstly, please check that your PC is fully up to date; Click Start>All Programs>Windows Update. Check if there are any updates available and install them if required.

If you use Outlook 2010 you must be running a version at least 14.0.7147. Check this by Pressing File>Help

All versions of 2013 work fine with Office 365.


Before your email is migrated to Office 365 you should really do some housekeeping!

You must save and delete any email messages over 25MB from your mailbox or you risk losing them forever. To search for large emails in Outlook to the following:-

  1. In your list of folders, scroll down and right click on “Search Folders“
  2. Click on “New Search Folder“
  3. Then select “Large Mail”
  4. Click the “Choose” button and change the number to “24,576 KB“
  5. And click “OK“
  6. Outlook will now search all email and display a list that has attachments totalling more than 24mb per message.
  7. Save these attachments to your Homedrive or shared drive if you need to keep them. To do this Right-click on one of the attachments, then click on Save All Attachments.
  8. Now you can permanently delete the messages from the list by pressing SHIFT+DELETE or you can remove the attachments from the email. To do this double click the message to open it, then right-click on each attachment and select Remove Attachment. Close the message, if you asked if you want to save the changes click 'Yes'.


If you use Outlook 2011 for MacApple Mail or Thunderbird please see these instructions here on how to find large messages.


Post Migration Tasks

Once you have been migrated to Office365 you may get the following pop up message in Outlook. Close Outlook and start up again.


You will get an Autodiscover message, tick the Don't ask box and press Allow


Enter your credentials ( and your password) and press OK.

*Note that you may be asked for credentials for any additional or shared mailboxes that you have access to in Outlook. If your additional or shared mailboxes do not connect you may have to remove them and add them in again. See this page for information.

Mobile Devices

If you have a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) that connects to email you will need to configure it to connect to Office 365, see instructions here.

Quick answers

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User guides

MacOS Sync Guide (PDF, 871 KB)

OneDrive for Business user guide (PDF, 2,139 KB)

Office 365 groups (PDF, 1,440 KB)

Skype for Business user guide (PDF, 1,620 KB)

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