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What accounts can you request

Request any of the accounts below by going to Sponsorship forms in Unidesk.

External user accounts

Grants you access to classroom PCs and the University's email system. Suitable for contractors and visiting researchers, for example.

This must be requested by a current staff member. It will be valid for up to one year, you'll get an email 28 days before it's deactivated.

To continue your account beyond this period or make changes, fill in the form on UniDesk when the expiration date is approaching.

Group email accounts

This will create a separate email that exists soley as a shared mailbox. You can list the staff members/students that you would like to have access on the Unidesk form. To amend this afterwards, contact IT.

Alternatively, you can set up a Group in Outlook. This creates a shared mailbox and allows you to add/ remove University members without going through IT.

Web space

If you have web pages that you're managing outside of terminal 4, you can apply for a University URL to host these. You will get a web account to maintain your pages.

Web accounts

This is generated when you request web space and will expire after a year. Renew/ change your web account via the Unidesk form.

MySQL databases

Help and advice

If you would like advice about which account is most suitable or have a question about your current account, contact the IT Service Desk.