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Lecture Theatres, Seminar Rooms and Tutorial Rooms

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 Most of the Lecture Theatres have been refurbished and they now have an Extron room control system which controls all the AV equipment. The majority of the seminar rooms are controlled by an Extron control panel situated either on the desk or wall.  For specific instructions on using the equipment in any particular room,  you can find them listed - by building - on the webpage at this link: AV instructions.

Details of the Equipment in new/refurbished rooms

Lecture Theatres – Single and/or Dual data projection

  • Touch Screen for control
  • Teaching Staff computer
  • VGA cable to connect a Laptop
    Remember if using a Mac laptop or Windows laptop which doesn't have a VGA output, to bring the small converter cable that connects to our VGA cable
  • (In more recently equipped lecture theatres) - HDMI connection cable for a laptop or other HDMI input (A MAC laptop will need a converter cable as well)
  • (In most recently refurbished theatres) - SMART Podium or Interactive Projection board. (Pens are provided)
  • DVD/VCR player or Blu-Ray player (where no Blu-Ray player,  there may be a Blu-Ray drive in the teaching PC which you can use)
  • Document Camera (Visualizer)
  • Microphones - usually a desk/podium mic, a handheld mic and/or a lapel mic. 

Seminar rooms – Single data projection

  • Computer
  • VGA cable for laptop as well as HDMI cable for more modern laptops
    Remember if using a Mac laptop or Windows laptop which doesn't have a VGA output, to bring the small converter/adaptor that connects to our VGA cables
  • Either a Blu-Ray Player (for Blu-Ray or DVD discs) or a DVD/VCR player
  • Document Camera (Visualizer)

Tutorial Rooms - single projection

  • Computer
  • VGA cable and audio cable for laptop
  • DVD/VCR player

Tutorial Rooms/Meeting Rooms - 60" TV

 60" TV set

  • VGA cable, Display Port Cable, HDMI cable for laptop connection or Blu-Ray Player. This doesn't include MAC mini Display Port, so you will need a converter/adaptor to fit ('Mini Display Port' to VGA or 'Mini Display Port to HDMI')
  • Meeting Rooms in the Gateway have VGA and HDMI cables to connect laptops.  (A MAC laptop will still require a converter/adaptor).
  • Document Camera where supplied.


If you're using a room for the first time it’s best to contact us and get a demonstration on how to use the equipment beforehand. You can also reach us directly by phone for assistance at: (01334 463674), e-mail:,  or just visit the web timetables page to check what equipment is in the room you wish to use.

Photo of Arts Seminar RoomCurrent Extron panel.General shot of the classroom in Maths !A

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