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Charges for Equipment, AV Services and Support

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Media Services - Charge List for Services

        (valid until December 2018)

Media Services can provide both equipment (additional to AV equipment already installed in teaching and conference spaces) and services which facilitate teaching,  events and conferences.  Where events and conferences are not directly related to the teaching of students on undergraduate or postgraduate related courses,  certain charges apply.


Standard AV Package for events and conferences – included in delegate rate

Media Services will provide the following equipment and services which are included in the standard delegate rate:
- Pre event site meeting to discuss full requirements
- Existing fixed Audio Visual equipment in venue hired
- Answer any questions the client may have about the AV equipment in the spaces hired
- Ensure the existing equipment in the venue is all in working order
- Meet client on arrival for overview of equipment and demonstration.
- Attend once, each day, to ensure everything is running smoothly
Between 9am and 5pm on weekdays, Media Services will aim to be on site within 15 minutes.

Additional Technical Support

- Monday – Friday between 0900-1700hours                      @ £25.00 per hour
- Monday – Friday before 0900 hours and after 1700 hours @ £40.00 per hour
- Weekends -  (minimum 2 hours)                                       @ £50.00 per hour
Additional Technical Support from Media Services must be booked in advance and is subject to availability. External support maybe required. For further information on Additional Technical Support contact Conference & Group Services

Display Boards

Conference and Group services have a stock of display boards which are managed by Media Services. There are 2 sizes, 90cm x120cm, and 100cm x 200cm. With at least 24 Hours’ notice, and subject to availability, Media Services will set them up and break down after use. Please provide set up requirements in advance i.e. board layout,  portrait, landscape, whether they need to be connected, single standing etc. 

- £15.00 per display board, per day

Note: The University has a limited supply of Display Boards. Depending on availability, boards maybe hired from an external source. Prices vary depending on requirements.

Younger Hall (Cost per day)

Younger Hall has recently had a 5 metre wide screen installed,  which retracts to the ceiling when it is not in use, as well as a powerful 6000 lumen projector.  Additionally, for teaching,  an A/V podium has been made available,  with computer, visualizer and microphones installed.  The system needs to be installed on the stage by Media Services technicians who must also raise and lower the screen gantry for operations.  Costs for use of the system are included within the hire costs of the hall,  however personnel costs (to raise or lower the screen,  set up additional microphones, provide technical support ot set-up/put-away of equipment for events) need to be covered as outlined in the section on Additional Technical Support above. Consultation with Media Services may be required, depending on the event.

Additional Equipment (Cost per day)

If additional equipment is required for a space or a venue has no existing audio visual equipment and installation is required, then the following daily rates apply.
- Data Projector (and tripod screen) @ £100 .00
- Laptop @ £80.00
- Visualizer (Document Camera) @ £70.00
- Remote Presenter @ £5.00
- Tripod portable screen (5' or 6’) @ £20.00
- Blu-ray Disc Player @ £40.00
- DVD/Video player @ £20.00
- Audio speaker system for Laptop, Blu-ray or DVD/Video @ £40.00
- PA System - powered (Small) including wired microphone @ £40.00
- Yamaha PA System (Large) @ £100.00
- Podium or Handheld Microphone (cabled) @ £30.00
- Wireless Handheld or Tie Clip Microphone and receiver @ £40.00
- Small Audio Mixer with 4 inputs (If required for multiple microphones) @ £30.00
- Large Mix Desk with up to 8 inputs @ £100.00
- Computer monitor @ £20.00
- 40" TV monitor @ £60.00
- 60" TV monitor on movable stand @£100.00
- Flip Chart with paper and pens @ £15.00
- Televic Conference Microphone System – determined with client based on numbers. (Up to 24 mics can be 

A reduced cost is applied for extended rentals as follows:

- Weekly Rental (5-7 days) – a 4 day charge will apply
- Month Rental – a 12-day charge will apply
Please note: If 24 Hours’ notice is not given, we cannot guarantee your desired installation time.

Audio and Video Recording Equipment (Cost per day)

Digital Audio Recorders:
- Olympus handheld recorder        @ £25.00
- Marantz Professional Recorder    @ £50.00
HD Video Cameras:
- Flipcam HD (Battery powered)    @ £25.00
- ZOOM Q2HD (Mains powered)    @ £30.00
- JVC HD Professional camera kit @ £100.00 (subject to availability)
Specialist audio/video transfer, editing and DVD authoring
- Media Transfer (Audio/Video) from Audio Recorders/Video Cameras @ £50.00 per hour,
(Minimum charge of 1 hour, Editing, if required, is £50.00 per hour).
The JVC Professional Video camera can only be operated by a Media Services Technician at the Technical Support rates. A consultation with a Media Services representative must take place in advance if a JVC HD Video camera is required, to determine:
- Full requirements and expectations
- If additional equipment is required
- Transfer and editing requirements
- Availability of equipment and technical support
- Estimated work time and quote

Video Streaming

Streaming of (or part of) an event over the internet

At least one month prior to the event, a consultation with a Media Services representative must take place in advance if streaming is required, to determine:
- Full technical requirements and expectations
- Request permission from University Network Team; to ensure venue is suitable for streaming and if so, configure the network accordingly
- Request Web page for display from University Web Team
- Availability of venue one day prior to event, for set up and testing
- If additional equipment is required
- Transfer and editing requirements
- Availability of equipment and technical support
- Estimated work time and quote

Webcast cost per session/day (max 8 hours):

- Tricaster Streaming and Live Production unit, 2 HD cameras and 2 Technicians       @ £500.00
- Tricaster Streaming and Live Production unit with 3 HD cameras and 3 Technicians @ £700.00
   (Includes cost of set up, testing prior to event and de-rig).
- Post-production; editing/data transfer/DVD authoring                            @ £50.00 per hour

Equipment and technical support is subject to availability.  Equipment and support requirements for events should be booked with your Event Manager in the Conference & Group Services Team.  Charges are inclusive of VAT.


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Tel: 01334 463674

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Telephone : +44 (0)1334 463000

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