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Git for staff and researchers

The University has a self-hosted instance of Gitlab .  Gitlab incorporates the standard Git repository functionality of collaboration and version control, with the addition of a user-friendly web-interface for discussions and issue tracking.  


Who's it for?

All staff and PhD students can request access to Gitlab.  You will receive access to create projects and sub-groups within your department/school group.

How do I get access?

Log a call to the IT Service Desk (contact info on right side), requesting GitLab access. When logging the call, please let us know the school/department you are in so we can add you to the relevant groups/sub-groups. If you want added to an existing group/project, please tell us the name of the group.

Once you have been given access, you can log in at (available whilst on the campus network or via VPN only). 

We will monitor usage and look to releasing to students in the future.

Is it backed up?

Gitlab is backed up nightly by ITS.

What software do I need?

There is a variety of Git software available, from command-line, through to visual tools, or IDE integrations.  The University offers the following via download in the Software Centre.

  • Git for Windows, available via Software Centre on your managed staff PC.
  • Incorporated into many popular IDEs such as Netbeans, IntelliJ, Visual Studio etc


Are there any quotas or limits to what I can store?

Gitlab should only be used to store source code for software development. It should not be used as an 'everyday' file store. For storage options for those types of files, visit Storage options .

Do not store any passwords, secure keys, or private information in Gitlab. Examples of these include:

  • password entries (password=)
  • credit card numbers
  • ssh keys
  • LDAP passwords
  • SSO credentials - can we define that?
  • O365 credentials
  • SITS data
  • Resourcelink data

For more advice on what can and cannot be stored, please contact us.

I need help!

Log a call via our IT Service Desk (information on right hand side).  Or ITS research computing specialists will be able to assist with any Git issues you may have. 


How should I manage my projects?

You will be given admin access to a sub-group within the group for your department/school.  Within this, you can create further sub-groups or projects.  Both sub-groups and projects can be shared with other Gitlab users for collaborative purposes. 

  • Always create private groups/projects unless you have a specific purpose in mind.
  • Use sub-group level sharing if you wish to share multiple projects with the same users.
  • Use project level sharing if you wish to only share that specific project with users.
  • Keep group membership as low as possible with the majority of permissions set on projects.


Quick answers

See if your question is answered in our quick answers.

Contact the IT Service Desk

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