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Information Services Newsletter

The monthly Newsletter (started January 1974) has now reached the end of publication in its original printed form.

Newsletters from the following years are currently available on-line as web pages (and from January 2009 onwards also as PDFs of the printed version):

Additional archive PDF versions now being made available [currently in progress]: 1974-1987 as searchable scans | 1988- as searchable files

Past issues are of course presented as of only historical interest and do not reflect current service!

Before 2003, these are for IT Services only (the computer service unit): until 1 August 1996, this was known as the Computing Laboratory. From May 2003 until the end of 2009, news from the Library was included in the Newsletter. In addition, from May 2003 the combined Library & Information Services (LIS) unit was in formal existence for about 3 years, and so the various such references should be read accordingly.

You should always check current computer service web pages for latest information, especially on technical topics which are very likely to have changed since these Newsletter items were originally published.

Please note that links given in Newsletters will now very likely be out of date.