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Quick answers

All new students starting Academic year 2015-16 will start with Office365 instead of SaintMail; see these pages for more information; Office 365.

SaintMail [for existing students]

See SaintMail FAQs and How to guides 

Office 365 [for staff and new students]

See Office 365 information pages.

Getting on the network

Q.  Apart from the Library, where else are there open access PCs?

A map showing the location of computer rooms (and those with 24-hour access) is online and displayed near the IT Service Desk.

Further information about PC classrooms is available on-line (including a downloadable map of locations).

Q.  How do I set up a wireless connection?

Software and documentation are available via an open wireless network (uos-connect). Visitors should use uos-visitor instead and log in using the username/password on the slip provided.

Q.   How do I connect to ResNet?

See the ResNet web pages for the steps you should take.

Q.   If I have problem connecting to ResNet what should I do?

See the ResNet web pages for the steps you should take.


Q.  Forgotten your password?

You must come in person to the IT Service Desk when it is open so that you can be given a new password.

Please bring your ID card with you.

ID cards

Q.  My ID card has been lost or stolen.  What do I do?

Please follow the instructions on the ID cards web page for staff | for students. When you have paid, a replacement will be delivered to the IT Service Desk.

Q.  I need to replace my ID card for another reason:

If your card has to be replaced for any other reason, please follow the instructions on the ID cards web page for staff | for students. You will be emailed when it is ready and you should collect it from the IT Service Desk.

Q.  My ID card is not working.  What do I do?

If your card will not open the swipe-controlled doors or your card cannot be read by the Library self-service machines, please follow the instructions on the ID cards web page for staff | for students.

Logging on to the PCs

 Q.  Can't log on to the classroom PCs?

  • Make sure the third box in the login window says CLASSROOM or ST-ANDREWS.
  • Make sure you have typed in the password correctly, and that caps lock is not on.
  • If problem persists, try another PC.
  • Try another classroom.

Report the problem to the IT Service Desk, saying when it occurred and which PC you were using.

Q.  What if nobody can log on?

This would suggest a general system fault. Please report it to the IT Service Desk or to the extended cover service on (01334 46)2780.

Q.  What does it mean when a message at start-up time says you cannot save your work in your 'My documents' folder?

The system has failed to connect to your network file space. Shut down the PC and try logging in again. If the problem persists, report it to the IT Service Desk. You can continue working, but you must save your work on a memory stick or a writeable CD (or DVD if available).


Q.  Where can I top up my printer account

You can top up your printer account online.  You can also top up your printer account from the print payment kiosk (also known as a money loader) situated in level 2 of the library.

Further information about printing (including your printer account) is available here.

Visit MyPrint to view your print job(s) and your printer account details

 Q.  My document will not print.  What do I do?

  • Make sure you have sufficient credit available in your printer account to complete your print job(s).
  • If the printer display panel reports a problem (out of paper or paper jam) tell the IT Service Desk or the Janitor.
  • Large documents may take a long time (perhaps 15 - 20 minutes) to reach the printer, so you must be patient.
  • Don't panic or re-send your document to the printer.

Q.  My document still won't print - what next?

  • Save your work and restart the PC.
  • If this fails, report it to the IT Service Desk: say what you were trying to print (the web address or document name if appropriate), and where and when you were trying.

Q.  If the ink runs out while printing my document what should I do?

If the print quality is inadequate, the IT Service Desk (or Library Service Desk) will credit you with the number of wasted pages.

Q.  If I have inadvertently printed multiple copies what should I do?

Your print jobs will appear at the printer and will not print until you select them and tap print, therefore if you have sent it too many times you can just print the required amount and delete the rest (or wait 24 hours and the jobs in the queue will be removed automatically).

Q.  My work did not print. Will I be charged?

Your printer account will not be debited until the job is printed, so if your job is cancelled before it is printed you will not lose print credits.

Freezing and crashing

Q.  The PC has frozen.  What should I do?

This might happen while printing a large document, so you may need to be patient.

  • Press Control+Alt+Delete and use the Task Manager to end the task that is frozen, or to shut down the PC.
  • If that fails, use the restart button on the PC: you will lose any unsaved work.

Q.  What if this problem persists?

Report it to the IT Service Desk. Say which PC you were using, when it happened and what you were doing at the time.

Q.  Microsoft Word won't save a document.  What should I do?

  • Try deleting old documents from your 'My Documents folder', but be careful not to delete the document you are working on. Then try saving again.
  • If you are working on a USB memory stick, try saving in 'My Documents' instead. Don't remove the USB memory stick until you have quit from Word.
  • Another possibility is to try saving the document as a Rich Text Format (RTF) file. Use the 'Save As' command to change the location (save on a different drive) or the Filetype (save as RTF).

Q.  Word still won't save the document.  What's next?

Try saving the document on the temporary file space, and then seek help. Don't log off the PC, as the temporary filespace is wiped clean on log-off. Having saved the document, quit Word. Copy the file to a memory stick or writeable CD. Now you can log off.

Q.  Word won't save at all.  Is there anything else I can do?

  • Copy and paste your text into a new document. Save the new document as an RTF file.
  • If all these attempts fail, you may have to quit Word without saving, and so you will lose your work.
  • To minimize this risk, you should save your changes frequently while you are working.

Blu-ray player - change region


Your Oppo BDP-105D will be region free for DVD as standard.

Switching Zone (for Blu-ray) is operated by the remote control.

To manually select different Blu-ray regions:

  • The player needs to be switched on with no disc in.
  • Press DIMMER - DIMMER - DIMMER - MUTE in sequence on the remote control.
  • Press 1, 2 or 3 on the remote control (corresponding to Zones A, B and C respectively). This must be done within 20 seconds from the prior step.
  • Restart the player (turn it off and then back on).These players have modified functionality to provide the ability to change blu ray zones at will via the remote control.

The modification is designed to allow upgrades to new player firmware released by OPPO by Ethernet (wireless or hard wired), CD or USB methods, however, it is always a possibility that a future player firmware update may disable the multizone functionality irrevocably, so this is not guaranteed.
In order to maintain Multizone operation please visit our page before carrying out any future player firmware updates. This page will display the latest player firmware that has been tested with the Multizone functionality.
If you update to player firmware that has not been confirmed and tested and the Multizone functionality is disabled, AV Aficionado will not be held responsible and your warranty on the multizone capability will be invalidated.
Resume Playback Error:

Resume playback of a disc can generate a zone error message if the disc was first loaded in an incorrect corresponding zone. Since the player ‘remembers’ where it stopped playing the last time, it will automatically resume playing from that point. This will be the zone mismatch error part on the disc.


First make sure the correct zone is selected.

Press the STOP button when the resume playback message shows on screen. This has to be done within 5 seconds (before the message goes off screen).


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