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Out of Hours cover for IT Services

Between 18:00-22:00 hours (08:00-22:00 at weekends) and other periods where we have a scheduled closure, the IT emergency contact number should only be used if there is widespread disruption to a key service, if a significant number of staff or students are impacted, or if the issue creates a security or safety concern. The on-duty Associate Chief Information Officer will make a decision on what next steps will be taken.

This is intended to cover faults that create widespread disruption to our services and it is not a substitute for the IT Service Desk. Non-urgent issues should be logged via IT Self Service and will be dealt with on the next working day. Below are examples of the types of issues which should be raised as an IT emergency:

  • University web site: loss of access for more than 15 minutes (please check access from a different device or browser);
  • Email system: many users reporting they cannot access email services;
  • Telephone system: loss of service (please test from various numbers);
  • Computer rooms: widespread reports that computer rooms and Library PCs are not working;
  • Corporate applications: loss of service to APTOS, SITS etc.;
  • Student systems: loss of service to MySaint, MMS, Moodle, etc.;
  • Shared or home directories: a significant number of users cannot access their home or shared drives;
  • Network infrastructure including the wireless service (eduroam): a significant number of users reporting loss of network services;
  • UniPrint service: significant number of devices not working;
  • ID cards: a significant number of users are unable to access buildings;
  • Data Centre security issue.

In the event that we have to contact a third party/supplier to help us restore normal service, please appreciate that they might not be available outside of normal working hours.

IT Out of Hours emergency number: (01334 46) 2780.

For IT emergencies between 22:00-08:00 hours, calls should only be made to x2780 if the system failure puts staff and/or students in danger, or will have a significant detrimental impact on the University community (e.g. full access control system failure, widespread network and/or telephony failure).

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Contact the IT Service Desk

Log a call using IT Self-Service
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