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Complaints process

IT Services takes pride in delivering a high quality services to its customers.  We do acknowledge that from time to time our customers may feel that our normally high standards are not being met.  

If you feel you need to raise a complaint, please email, with the subject heading ‘Complaint’.  This will generate an IT Service Desk call with a unique reference, which will be allocated to an IT Manager for action.

How we process and deal with your grievance

Receive and classify Your complaint will be recorded and classified according to the urgency and/or severity of the complaint.

  • Level One (L1) : L1 complaints are seen to be non-urgent, or having an impact at a lower level than a L2 complaint.  L1 complaints may affect an individual, a school, or a department, but not the business as a whole.  Some L1 complaints may be viewed as suggestions or feedback and as such response times may be longer. 

  • Level Two (L2) : L2 complaints have the potential to impact highly on the business as a whole.  The University's reputation or ability to do business may be affected if the complaint is not dealt with quickly, and in a satisfactory manner.
Acknowledge You will receive a formal, written acknowledgement, containing an expectation of when you will receive a response, and to whom we have assigned your complaint.

All aspects of your complaint will be investigated thoroughly to ensure that key facts are identified and clarified.  If required you will be contacted to obtain further information relevant to the complaint or for further clarification of any issues you may have raised.  The complaint's priority will determine the timescale for the investigation.

We will attempt to resolve Level 1 complaints within 5 working days. In exceptional circumstances this can be extended to up to 10 working days.

If a complaint is deemed to be complex or high risk it will be dealt with as a Level 2 complaint, in which case a resolution will be sought within 20 days.

If the complainant does not feel that their complaint has been resolved satisfactorily they have the right to have it reviewed by the Scottish Public Service Ombudsman (SPSO). 

Resolve and confirm This stage will ensure that any final resolution is clear and fair.  At this point a senior member of the University will confirm any action and resolution.
  • L1 complaints : A member of IT Services management will confirm any action and resolution relating to your complaint.

  • L2 complaints : A senior member of IT Services management will confirm any action and resolution relating to your complaint.

  • Complaints escalated to the SPSO : Please see the University complaints procedure.
Respond to customer We will provide you with a clearly explained resolution, either verbal and/or written, within an agreed timescale as defined by the complaint's priority and concomitant SLA.  If you require a verbal explanation we will arrange a suitable time and venue to apprise you of our resolution to your complaint.
Follow up

We will contact you to ensure you are satisfied with IT Services' resolution to your complaint.  If not, the complaint will be re-investigated to ensure that we have treated you fairly and without bias.

The follow up process will determine whether you are satisfied with the response to your complaint and whether the complaint was handled properly and fairly.

QA and close We will ensure that the University as a whole is aware of complaints and any underlying issues, and the Service Improvement Plan (SIP) will be updated to ensure that there are no recurrences of your grievance.


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