IT training courses

Microsoft Office course list (on-site delivery only)

We deliver a series of instructor-led IT training courses throughout the year (current version is Office 365). The courses are available to all staff and research post-graduates. Courses currently scheduled for delivery can be viewed and booked from the University’s online course booking system, PDMS under the Information Management and IT section. The list below gives a precis of the topics covered;  please see the course listing in the PDMS booking system for a more detailed description.

If you are interested in a training course that is listed but not currently scheduled for delivery on PDMS, please email your interest to IT Training as we may be able to arrange it. If you would like to schedule a bespoke training session or series of sessions covering a particular range of topics for your School or unit please email or phone (see Contact details) to discuss your needs.

Software Topic Time (hours)
MS Outlook
Effective Email Management: strategies and tools in Outlook for tackling email and calendar management 2
Word processing
MS Word
Advanced Document Management: using Styles to efficiently control the formatting and access an array of powerful features to transform the management of longer documents 2.5
  Controlling Document Design: using tabular features to create more complex and efficient layouts and controlling document structure for custom headers, footers, and pagination 2.5
  Creating Electronic Forms: create featured computer-fillable and online forms 2
  Using Mail Merge: create customised letters, emails and labels for mass mailings 1.5
  Manuscript Skills: using tools for collaborative editing and referencing tools 2.5
  Producing a Thesis or Dissertation in Word:  a concentrated course covering a range of skills and strategies specific to managing and compiling a complex document such as a thesis 3
Presentation software
MS PowerPoint
Essential PowerPoint Skills: key features to make the best use of PowerPoint 1.5
  Advanced PowerPoint Skills: tools to make your presentations more distinctive and effective such as custom themes and animation 1.5
  Creating Academic Posters in PowerPoint (available only by arrangement) 2
MS Excel
Introduction to Spreadsheets-Managing data: key skills in understanding how to enter, edit and maintain spreadsheets, sorting, filtering and output 2.5
  Creating and Using Formulae: working with calculations in spreadsheets 1.5
  Using Functions: powerful techniques to use built-in calculation tools for more complex analysis 2
  Creating Charts and Pivot Tables: use chart tools to graphically display data and pivot tables to interrogate data 2.5
Microsoft Access
Introduction to Databases: the basics of designing and implementing a relational database 6