School seminars

One central theme of work in the School has been how we should understand and think about security, peace and conflict. The School’s strong research environment is evident in a wealth of events and activities. The School-wide seminar series brings major academic figures to St Andrews who offer different perspectives on:

  • political violence and terrorism
  • international security
  • conflict between (and within) state and non-state actors
  • institutional responses to conflict
  • post-war reconstruction
  • normative theories of war and peace
  • human rights
  • regional tensions
  • the social construction of conflict
  • the political economy of peace and violence.

Research students are encouraged to attend these seminars which provide a useful introduction to the dissemination and discussion of academic research across a wide range of topics. There are also occasional conferences, guest lecture series and many other less formal events held throughout the year. Students may also be interested in research seminars being hosted by other Schools.

Martinmas Semester, 2019/2020

03 October, School II, 5pm Scott Thomas Book launch, "This American Moment" by Caron Gentry Bath University
07 October, Arts Lecture Theatre, 5pm David Reynolds Book launch, "The Second Most Powerful Man in the World: The Life of Admiral William D. Leahy, Roosevelt's Chief of Staff" by Phillips O'Brien Cambridge University

Archive of previous seminars

Semester 2, 2018/2019

28th January Naomi Head Structural injustice, political responsibility and emotions: from refugees to slavery University of Glasgow
25th February Nicholas Wheeler Social Bonding in Diplomacy: Face-to-Face Interactions and Rituals in the 4th Image University of Birmingham
11th March Catherine Baker The affects of the gaze: embodied spectatorship and a queer aesthetic curiosity towards international politics University of Hull
22nd April Berit Bliesemann de Guevara Knowing Through Needlework? Conflict Textiles and the Study of War and Violence in International Politics Aberystwyth University

Semester 1, 2018/2019

24th September Chris Ogden China & India: Asia's Emergent Great Powers (book launch) University of St Andrews
8th October Sibylle Scheipers On Small War (book launch) University of St Andrews
15th October Gregory Daho Rebalancing Civil-Military Relations in France Pantheon-Sorbonne University
29th October Susan Schulamn War Photography Freelance photographer
5th November Roundtable Mainstreaming Gender: What would it mean and why should we go there? University of St Andrews
12th November John Anderson When John Brown met Dixie: Representing the American Civil War University of St Andrews
19th November Nick Brooke Terrorism and Nationalism in the United Kingdom: The Absence of Noise (book launch) University of St Andrews
26th November Hew Bennett The British Army in Northern Ireland University of St Andrews

Semester 2, 2017/2018

DateSpeakerPaper titleAffiliation
05 February Jussi Hanhimaki Transatlantic Relations: Historical Legacies and the Future of an Alliance The Graduate Institute Geneva
19 February Round Table Freedom of the Press in the 21st Century University of St Andrews
05 March Amitav Acharya School of International Relations Distinguished Lecture American University
02 April Pauline Eadie Natural Disasters and the International Community in the Shadow of Climate Change University of Nottingham
16 April Joonkook Hwang The Korean Peninsula and the Challenges of the Emerging East Asian Order South Korea’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom
23 April Jason Sharman Gunboat Diplomacy: Power and Profit at Sea in the Making of the International System University of Cambridge

Semester 1, 2017/2018

DateSpeakerPaper titleAffiliation
25 September Round Table Strategic Dilemma in East Asia University of St Andrews
16 October Sophia Dingli The Historical Problem of Studying African Armed Forces University of Glasgow
6 November Vassilios Paipais Political Ontology and International Political Thought: Voiding A Pluralist World University of St Andrews
13 November Jaremey McMullin Documenting Post-War Return via Prose and Film; A Case Study of Irreverent Warriors and the ‘Silkies Hikes’ University of St Andrews
20 November Tomas Ayuso Territory is Identity Independent writer and documentary photographer
27 November Maggie Dwyer Soldiers in Revolt University of Edinburgh
04 December Andrey A Pritsepov Post-Western World: a Challenge and an Opportunity? Russia’s Consul General