International Relations Staff and PhD Research Workshop

The International Relations Staff and PhD Research Workshop helps foster a strong intellectual community between postgraduate research students and staff. It gives both staff and research graduate students the opportunity to receive feedback on their work from staff and their peers, including those outside their immediate area of specialty. It also provides postgraduate research students with greater professional development, especially in presenting their research and participating in discussion, and learning how to provide constructive criticism to their peers. These sessions provide an opportunity for the School and student body to participate in a research culture of extraordinary scope and vibrancy.

The workshops runs every Wednesday, from 12:30pm to 2pm in Seminar Room 2, during the teaching semester. Lunch is provided for International Relations staff members and PhDs.

Each session consists of a presentation (maximum 20 minutes) and a discussion. Presenters are asked to send around a research paper or a chapter of their dissertation three days before the seminar. Requests for participants are sent out shortly before each semester, and the programme is provided at the beginning of the semester.

Organisers: Jasmine Gani and Nick Brooke

Candlemas Semester, 2018/2019

6th February Kurt Bassuener A Tale of Two Conflicts: Macedonia’s Civil Resistance Breaks a Kleptocratic Peace Cartel Amanda Hall

13th February

Nicholas Bradley Bayesian Predictive Analytics of Terrorism in Civil War Felipe Cruvinel
20th February Lydia Cole From Quantification to Counting: Legal-Bureaucratic Recognition and the Subject of Wartime Sexual Violence Caron Gentry
27th February Aisha Al-Rashdi The Bahraini 2011 Uprising: Regime Securitisation of Sectarianism as a Survival Mechanism Hsinyen Lai
6th March Ryan Beasley and Andrew Hom Foreign Policy in the Fourth Dimension (FP4D): Locating Time in Decision Making
Tony Lang
13th March Tim Zajontz China in Africa and the ‘spatio-temporal fix’: Theorising Sino-African corridor-building Cath Jones
3rd April Adam Bower Towards a research agenda for outer space and IR Faye Donnelly
10th April Erika Brady Qualitative Analysis of the UK's Counter-Terrorism Strategy ... What Next? Nick Brooke
17th April Faye Donnelly Spaces of Securitization Chris Peys
24th April Sneha Reddy North African and Indian Soldiers on the War Front in Palestine and Syria 1917-1923 Stephen Tyre

Archive of previous seminars

Semester 1, 2018/2019

26th September Nick Brooke The Loner and the Lone Wolf: Media Treatment of Lone-Actor Terrorism Rabea Kahn
3rd October Florian Engleberger A 'New' Primordialist Lens for the Study of Nationalism? Jeffrey Murer
10th October Marc DeVore Reaching Collaboration’s Limits: A Structural Theory of European Armament Collaboration Failures Taylor St John
17th October Filippo Buranelli Central Asia in the XIX Century: An Example of International Society? Andy Williams
31st October Caron Gentry Ir/rationality: Radicalization, ‘Black Extremism,’ and Prevent Tragedies Kieran McConaghy
7th November Katarina Birkedal Closing Traps: Emotional Attachment, Intervention, and Juxtaposition in Cosplay and IR Lydia Cole
14th November Ali Watson Land Grabbing in Ethiopia: Promoting Development, Neglecting Human Rights Jaremey McMullin
28th November Amanda Hall Challenging Definitions of Violence in Northern Ireland: The Shift from Exceptional to the
Every Day
Kirsty Campbell

Semester 2, 2017-2018

DateSpeakerPaper titleDiscussant
07 February Marc DeVore Anarchy's Anatomy: Two-Tiered Security Systems and Middle Eastern Civil Wars Kristen Harkness
14 February Kristin Eggeling Building the Knowledge-Brand: The Politics of ‘World-Class’ Education at Education City and Nazarbayev University Filippo Costa Buranelli
21 February Christof Royer Framing and Reframing R2P: A Responsibility to Protect Humanity from Evil Natasha Saunders
28 February Tilman Schwarze Spatial Violence on Chicago’s South Side: Henri Lefebvre’s Theory of The Production of Space and Its Contribution to the Study of Gang Violence in a Minority Community Tim Zajontz
07 March Lena Malagon Challenges in the Implementation of Transitional Justice Mechanisms at the Local Level: The Reparation Program in Bogota, Colombia Adam Bower
14 March Karolina Kluczewska Worlds Apart? The World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ and Small Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan Matteo Fumagalli
11 April Katarina Birkedal Disruptive Tricksters: Autoethnography, Reflexivity, and the Mutable Self Kristin Eggeling
18 April Brita Midness A Policy of Security through Separation Nick Brooke
25 April Olga Burkhardt-Vetter Forget, Forgive; Conclude and Be Agreed’? Memory and Forgetting in the Aftermath of Mass Atrocity and Genocide Chris Peys
02 May Amanda Hall Old Divisions in a New Era: Societal Division as a Barrier to Peace in Post-Agreement Northern Ireland Kieran McConaghy
09 May Olivier Lewis The Impossible Trinity of International Relations: An Analytical Framework Marc DeVore

Semester 1, 2017-2018

DateSpeakerPaper titleDiscussant
27 September Kurt Bassuener A Durable Oligarchy: Bosnia and Herzegovina's False Postwar Democratic Transition Tilman Schwarze
4 October Simon Taylor The Historical Problem of Studying African Armed Forces Kristen Harkness
11 October Giovanna Di Mauro The Transition of the Artistic Field in Moldova: from 1989 to today Nina Lutterjohann
18 October Filippo Buranelli Protecting Autocracy Abroad? Russia’s Response to Mass Uprisings in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan John Anderson
1 November Katharina Newbery Narratives of peace and sovereignty: shaping an Ethiopian international identity and foreign policy
Faye Donnelly
8 November Chris Ogden Thinking About National (In)Security Caron Gentry
15 November Mateo Fumagalli Secession ‘under cover’: The violation of the constitutional order and the domestic politics of
Crimea’s annexation
Kristin Eggeling
22 November William Vlcek Globalisation and the Splintered Multinational Corporation: Sovereignty, the Legal Person and
Intangible Property
Matteo Fumagalli
29 November Adham Saouli Shape and Shove: Sectarianism and Political Order in Iraq and Lebanon Fiona McCallum
6 December Zhanibek Arynov Understanding the perceived images of the European Union in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Filippo Buranelli