Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies seminars

The Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies (MECACS) holds a weekly seminar series.

Martinmas Semester, 2019/2020

26 September Dr Filippo Costa Buranelli MECACS Research Leave Report "The evolution of the Central Asian Order from independence to today" University of St Andrews
19 October Dr May Darwich The ontological (in)security of similarity: Islamism in Saudi foreign policy Durham University
14 November Dr Fiona McCallum Guiney, Dr Jasmine Gani, Dr Francesco Belcastro, Professor Ray Hinnebusch New Scholarship on Syrian Politics University of St Andrews

Archive of previous seminars

Semester 2, 2018/2019


7th February
(Seminar Room 7)

Emilie Lund Mortensen Being care-full among friends: Ethnographic reflections on the ambiguity of friendship among young Syrian men in exile in Amman Aarhus University
19th February Huseyn Aliyev Micro-level dynamics of pro-government mobilisation amongst Ukraine’s Crimean Tatars University of Glasgow
26th February Andrei Muntean Experiences of international irganizations, their diplomacies and reflections on security challenges in Europe and beyond OSCE
5th March James Kilner Reporting from and on the Caucasus and Central Asia: a journalist career and current observations Editor of The Conway Bulletin
12th March Michael Denison Using your degree BP
9th April Elvire Corboz Religious authorities in London's Shi'i Triangle: The dynamics of a transnational competition University of Edinburgh
23rd April Giorgi Kanashvili Thinking possibilities of peace in the Caucasus Centre for Cultural Relations - Caucasian House

Semester 1, 2018/2019

25th September TBA, 5:30pm Building the Nation State in Central Asia Dr Nick Megoran Newcastle University
27th September Seminar Room 1 Power of Norms in Central Asia: Interaction between normative frameworks and political regimes Dr Aliya Tskhay University of St Andrews
04th October Seminar Room 1 The UAE versus Qatar: The Anatomy of an International Crisis Dr Chris Davidson Durham University
11th October Seminar Room 1 Russia’s trolling complex – domestic ‘neutrollization’ and international trickster Dr Xymena Kurowska Central European University
18th October Seminar Room 1 Experiences of International Organizations, their diplomacies and reflections on Security Challenges in Europe and beyond Andrei Muntean OSCE

Semester 2, 2017/2018

Friday, 02 February Arts Seminar Room 1, 4pm to 5:30pm Signs of hope? Christian-Muslim relations in Syria, and the role of religious communities in peace-building and reconciliation Revd Andrew Ashdown University of Winchester Dr Fiona McCallum
Wednesday, 07 February Arts Lecture Theatre, 5pm to 7pm On Being Palestinian Professor Yasir Suleiman University of Cambridge Prof. Christopher Given-Wilson
Friday, 09 February TBA Brexit and the Future of European Foreign Policy Dr Fraser Cameron European Commission Prof. Rick Fawn
Tuesday, 13 February Arts Seminar Room 1, 4pm Too much anarchy or attempts at imposing new hierarchies? Heterarchic features of the new regional Middle East cold war Dr Ruth Santini University of Naples, L’Orientale Prof. Ray Hinnebusch
Tuesday, 20 February Arts Seminar Room 1, 4pm Opportunity, Identity, and Resources in Ethnic Mobilization: The Iraqi Kurds and the Abkhaz of Georgia Professor Ahmed Fawaz Cairo University Prof. Rick Fawn
Wednesday, 21 February Arts Seminar Room 1, 4:30pm After the Uprising: Political Parties in Tunisia and Morocco Giulia Cimini University of Naples, L’Orientale Dr Frederic Volpi
Tuesday, 06 March Arts Seminar Room 1, 4pm Eurasian Energy Politics Dr Michael Denison BP Dr Matteo Fumagalli
Tuesday, 02 April Arts Seminar Room 1, 4pm Experiencing Central Asia: Central Asia Postgraduate Study Trip presentation   University of St Andrews Prof. Rick Fawn
Thursday, 07 June TBA "Like a wolf who fell upon sheep:" Middle Eastern Migration and Religion in America Professor Akram Khater North Carolina State University Dr Fiona McCallum

Semester 1, 2017/2018

Thursday, 21 September School VI Turkish Foreign Policy in a Historical Perspective Semih Lütfü Turgut Turkish Consul General in Edinburgh Professor Rick Fawn 
Thursday, 5 October Seminar Room 1 Conflicts in Myanmar. Arrested development? Dr Matteo Fumagalli and Dr Roddy Brett University of St Andrews  
Wednesday, 18 October Arts Lecture Theatre

Roundtable: How the EU is handling threats to stability in wider Europe?

Dr Dominika Krois; Samuel Doveri Vesterbye and Andreas Marazis; Professor Raquel Friere and Professor Licínia Simão; Prof. Rick Fawn, Jason Bruder and Dr Nina Lutterjohann European Neighbourhood Council (ENC)  
Thursday, 19 October Seminar Room 1 Afghanistan: a conflict analysis Elham Gharji University of Coimbra Professor Rick Fawn
Thursday, 2 November Seminar Room 1 Elections in Kyrgyzstan: Implications for Democratisation and Regional Stability Dr Matteo Fumagalli; James Kilner (editor, Caucasus and Central Asia Bulletin); Shair Dzhuraev (Marie Curie CASPIAN fellow) University of St Andrews Professor Rick Fawn
Thursday, 9 November Seminar Room 1 What do ‘The People’ Want? Democracy, Islam and Dictatorship in MENA Public Opinion Dr Andrea Teti University of Aberdeen Professor Ray Hinnebusch

Semester 2, 2016/2017

Monday, 13 February Seminar room 4 Reporting Central Asia James Kilner Editor: The Conway Bulletin Professor Rick Fawn 
Tuesday, 14 February Seminar room 1 The role of IOs in the post Soviet space – help or hindrance? Ambassador Roy Reeve Previously inter alia: UK Ambassador to Ukraine Professor Rick Fawn 
Thursday, 16 February Arts Lecture Theatre 1914: Russian Perspectives on the Collapse of the European Order Professor Dominic Lieven University of Cambridge Professors Rick Fawn (IR) and Frank Müller (History)
Wednesday, 22 February Arts Lecture Theatre

Roundtable: 'How the EU is handling threats to stability in wider Europe?'

Dr Dominika Krois, Samuel Doveri Vesterbye, Andreas Marazis and staff from School of IR European Neighbourhood Council (ENC)  - 
Thursday, 02 March Seminar room 4 Solidarity and Resistance in 1970s Egypt Dr Reem Abou-El-Fadl School of Oriental and African Studies Professor Ray Hinnebusch
Tuesday, 07 March Seminar room 1 Affective dispositions and the role of emotions in Armenian-Azerbaijani violence 1988-1990 Dr Laurence Broers Chatham House, co-editor, Caucasus Survey Professor Rick Fawn
Tuesday, 11 April  Seminar room 1 Governance and Islamism in North-Syria: The Impact of Daesh Dr Teije Hidde Donker

University of Bergen

Professor Ray Hinnebusch
Tuesday, 18 April Seminar room 1 The Conflict in Syria, War on Terror Discourse: The Role of Global Actors and the implications for population health Khuloud Saba University of Edinburgh Professor Ray Hinnebusch