William Vlcek, Senior Lecturer


William Vlcek is Senior Lecturer in Global Political Economy with a collection of degrees in Political Science, Computer Science, Military History and International Relations (PhD, London School of Economics). 

Prior to joining the School of International Relations in 2009 he taught: Aerospace Studies at the College of the Holy Cross and Worchester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts (1987 to 1991); Vehicle Communications Networks to automotive industry engineers and technicians in North America and Europe (1995 to 2000); and Globalisation and Development at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London (2006 to 2008). 

He has contributed to two reports on offshore finance and tax havens prepared for the European Parliament and in April-May 2017, he was a Visiting Professor of International Relations with the Graduate Program in International Relations at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC Minas), Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

His 2017 book, Offshore Finance and Global Governance: Disciplining the Tax Nomad, has been long listed for the 2018 IPEG Book Prize.


Research areas

William Vlcek has investigated aspects of global financial governance involving offshore finance since 2002. This research is reflected in the publications listed below covering such topics as the global governance of taxation, money laundering and terrorist finance.

An additional research project investigates the role and application of casinos as economic development, starting from the case of Macau and its use as a model for casino development by other jurisdictions in Asia and beyond. He is also collaborating with Dr Faye Donnelly on research exploring the intersections between finance and security in the global political economy.




Book chapters

  • 2018; ‘Global financial governance and the Euro‐Caribbean overseas territories: First- and second-order effects for offshore finance’, in Euro-Caribbean Societies in the 21st Century: Offshore finance, local élites and contentious politics, Sébastien Chauvin, Peter Clegg and Bruno Cousin, eds., Routledge, 85 - 98.
  • 2018; ‘Privatising security in finance: measures against the money threatening society’ in Security Privatization: How Non-security-related Private Businesses Shape Security Governance, Oldrich Bures and Helen Carrapico, eds., Springer, 101 - 122.
  • 2013; "Sovereignty games and global finance in the Cayman Islands" in European Integration and Postcolonial Sovereignty Games: The EU Overseas Countries and Territories, Rebecca Adler-Nissen and Ulrik Pram Gad, eds., Routledge in the New International Relations series, 115-129.
  • 2012; "Contingent liability or moral hazard after the global financial crisis: Cayman, Westminster and global finance" in The Non-Independent Territories of the Caribbean and Pacific: Continuity or Change?, Peter Clegg and David Killingray, eds., Institute of Commonwealth Studies,  143-162.
  • 2010; "Development – Great and small: “Greater China”, small Caribbean islands and offshore finance" in Greater China in an Era of Globalization, Sujian Guo and Baogang Guo eds., Lexington Books, 205-220.
  • 2009; "The Caribbean Confronts the OECD: Tax Competition and Diplomacy" in The Diplomacies of Small States: Between Vulnerability and Resilience, Andrew F. Cooper and Timothy M. Shaw, eds., Palgrave Macmillan International Politi
  • cal Economy series, 264-278.
  • 2009; "A Semi-Periphery to Global Capital: Global Governance and Lines of Flight for Caribbean Offshore Financial Centres" in Globalization and the ‘New’ Semi-peripheries, Owen Worth and Phoebe Moore, eds., Palgrave Macmillan, 177-197.
  • 2009; "Governing the offshore: non-independent Caribbean jurisdictions, the EU and the International" in Governance in the non-independent Caribbean: Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century, Peter Clegg and Emilio Pantojas eds., Ian Randle Publishers, 98-118.
  • 2008; "Action and consequence: the predicament of EU measures against the financing of terrorism", in Europe and Transnational Terrorism: Assessing Threats and Countermeasures, Franz Eder and Martin Senn, eds., Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2008, 145-171.



  • International Political Economy (IR3004)
  • Shadows in the global political economy (IR4547)
  • Political Economy of Conflict (IR5039). 

Research students

Second supervisor

  • Mya Alexander-Owen
  • Ferdinand Arslanian
  • David Ismail


  • Martin Skold
  • Lori Davis (Management), co-supervisor with Dr Philip Roscoe, School of Management

PhD supervision topics

In general, William Vlcek can work with any research question dealing with international political economy.


  • small state economies
  • global financial governance (including the governance of criminal finance - money laundering and terrorist financing)
  • informal economies as a feature in the global political economy.