Dr. Taryn Shepperd, Teaching fellow


Taryn completed her PhD at the University of St Andrews in 2010. She also holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Ulster, a Masters from Queens University Belfast, and in 2014 received a certificate in cultural diplomacy from the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin. Having previously been employed by the Open University, Taryn took up her position as a Teaching Fellow at The University of St Andrews in 2012.

Research areas

Taryn’s current research priority relates to opening up spaces for the inclusion of emotional dynamics into analyses of international relations. This involves a particular interest in the evolving nature of diplomacy and diplomatic practices. Taryn also has regional interests in the nature of US-Chinese relations and the politics of Northern Ireland and its peace process.


Current projects (works in progress)

  • Symbolic social practices & their hidden power: The problem with Coercive Diplomacy (article)
  • Changing Times, Changing Faces: Diplomacy & Emotions in our Globalised World (proposed book project).

Previous publications

  • Sino-US Relations and the Role of Emotion in State Action: Understanding Post-Cold War Crisis Interactions (Studies in Diplomacy & IR series) Palgrave Macmillan (2013)
  • Just and Unjust Interventions by Catherine Lu (book review).



  • Emotional Encounters: Diplomacy, Power & Persuasion in Contemporary IR (IR3066)
  • Case Studies & Conflict Analysis (IR3021)
  • Asian Security (IR3011)
  • Communication & the Arts (IR4002)
  • Diplomacy & Conflict Intervention (IR3026)
  • Critical Security Studies (IR4522) - contributer.

PhD supervision topics

Taryn would be interested in working with students interested in studying emotional dynamics within IR, and in particular, diplomatic practice.

Further information

Taryn previously worked as an editorial advisory board member for the Grounding Ancients journal.

She is currently a member of ISA & PSAI, and was selected to take part in a sponsored Teaching Symposium hosted by John Hopkins and held in the Basin Harbour Club, Vermont in 2015.