Kieran McConaghy, Lecturer


Kieran McConaghy is a Lecturer with the Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) in the School of International Relations with a specialisation in ethno-nationalist political violence, nationalism in Ireland and the United Kingdom, and state responses to terrorism and political violence.

He joined the Faculty in 2014 as Handa Research Fellow, completing a report entitled completing a report entitled Scotland and Separatism: Reverberations of the Scottish Independence Referendum on Separatist Politics, he was made Teaching Fellow in Terrorism and Political Violence in 2015 and was later appointed Lecturer in International Relations in 2016.

Kieran is a graduate of both Queen’s University Belfast, from which he holds degrees in Law with Politics (LLB) and Irish Politics (MA) and the University of St Andrews, where he studied for his PhD in International Relations.

Research areas

Kieran’s research spans a number of topics in the broad area of political violence and state responses to it. He is particularly interested in:

  • the Northern Ireland conflict and political violence in Ireland more generally
  • ethno-nationalist political violence
  • the politics of independence and separatist movements
  • counter-terrorism
  • Irish, Scottish and British politics and history.


Fortcoming publications

  • K. McConaghy, Terrorism and the State, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. 
  • K. McConaghy, ‘Emotions, the State, and the Effectiveness of Ethnonationalist Terrorism’, in D. Muro, When Does Terrorism Work?, London: Routledge, 2017. 



  • Terrorism: How to Respond (IR5903)
  • Terrorism: How to Respond (IR5953) - part time


  • Fundamental Issues and Structures of Terrorism (IR5901) - part time
  • Fundamental Issues and Structures of Terrorism (IR5951) - part time
  • Research Methods (IR5902)
  • Research Methods (IR5952) - part time
  • Terrorism and Political Violence Electives (Right Wing Terrorism component) (IR5954) - part time
  • Terrorism and Liberal Democracy (IR5007)
  • Undergraduate Dissertation Module (IR4099)
  • Terrorism and Political Violence Dissertation Module (IR5099)

Research students

Second supervisor

  • Roger Warren
  • Dan Keenan
  • Stephen Atkinson.

PhD supervision topics

Topics include:

  • aspects of the Northern Ireland conflict
  • violent and non-violent political contestation in 20th and 21st century Ireland and Britain
  • counter-terrorism in Ireland and the UK
  • ethno-nationalist political violence
  • the politics of independence movements.

Further information

Kieran can be followed on these social media platforms: