Dr Rikard Jalkebro, Global Challenges Competition Manager

Rikard received his undergraduate degree in International Relations at the Peace and Development Research Institute of Göteborg University in his native country Sweden and an Erasmus exchange at Dublin City University. He followed that up with an MA in International Relations from Göteborg University and an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from Uppsala University before conducting his doctoral studies at the University of St Andrews.

Rikard has been teaching at the School of IR since 2014.

Rikard’s thesis focused on local conflicts and peace processes in the Philippines with particular reference to Mindanao and its problems with political dynasties manifested in family, and clan-based violence. He applied theoretical constructs used in the field of peace and conflict studies to understand better, and deal with, what is an under-examined conflict where much of the violence has been designated as terrorism.

He receives regular invitations to provide expert views in media outlets such as Al-Jazeera, Channel NewsAsia, SKY News, TRT World and tbs eFM Primetime.

Research areas

Rikard's primary research exposes the juncture between the dynamics of peace processes and terrorism, with a particular focus on organised crime and corruption.

His primary area of expertise is in Asia-Pacific in general and Southeast Asia and the Philippines in particular.

For a complete list of all his research activities please see his PURE profile.



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  • (2007) "Passive Aggressive – Sweden Combats Organised Crime". Jane’s Intelligence Review, 17 October, Co-Author with Michael Jonsson


  • IR1005: Introduction to International Relations
  • IR1006: Foreign Policy and International Security
  • IR3006: International Regimes and Organisations
  • IR3035: Peace Processes and Violence
  • IR3063: Organised Crime and Corruption
  • IR4099: Dissertation Module
  • IR4514: Global Public Policy