Dr Lydia Cole, Associate Lecturer (Education-Focused)


My research spans several fields of inquiry including feminist international relations, feminist security studies, transitional justice, and human rights. It is informed by ethnographic, artistic, and practice-based research methodologies which I use to explore questions of subjectivity, knowledge, and recognition in the context of political violence. Currently, my research focuses in on two central areas:

  1. Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
    My work in this area examines post-conflict responses to sexual and gender-based violence. I am particularly interested in legal, psychological, and testimonial frames of post-conflict justice and the subjects that this makes possible.
  2. Visual Arts and Conflict Textiles
    A member of the commissioning team for Stitched Voices – a major exhibition of conflict textiles in Aberystwyth Arts Centre - I continue to work on issues of gender, political violence and textiles.

Research areas

Feminist Security Studies, Political Violence, Transitional Justice, Human Rights, Visual Politics, Poststructuralism



  • Cole, L. (2017). ‘An Encounter in Fieldwork: Subjectivity and gendered violence’. International Feminist Journal of Politics. 19(3): 388–389.


  • IR2005 - Theoretical Approaches to International Relations
  • IR5007 - Terrorism and Liberal Democracy
  • IR5924 - Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
  • IR5954 - Distancing Learning Electives

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