EAP conference at the University of St Andrews

The International Education Institute has held nine events for teaching professionals in the last ten years. What started as a workshop back in 2011 has become a conference recognised by English for Academic Purposes (EAP) professionals from all over the world as a go-to event for sharing ideas and best practice.

This year's conference

Welcoming nearly one hundred delegates each year, the conference addresses popular topics in the EAP community. The title of next year's conference is "Anybody out there: addressing audiences in academic discourse".

The conference will take place on Saturday 29 February 2020.

The plenary speakers will be:

  • Ursula Wingate from King's College, London, with a presentation titled: Developing audience awareness in novice writers.
  • Zak Lancaster from Wake Forest University, North Carolina. His presentation this year is titled: Readers as “Reached”, “Imagined”, and “Constructed”: A Longitudinal Study of Undergraduate Writers’ Developing Conceptions of Audience.

See the EAP conference timetable (PDF)  for more details.

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Conference archive

Take a look at the archive below to get a snapshot of previous EAP conferences, and presentations available for download.