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Students at St Andrews

The most famous tradition associated with the University of St Andrews is the red gown worn by undergraduate students (except those in the School of Divinity whose gowns are black with a diagonal purple cross). It is not compulsory for the red gown to be worn. Most students will now wear them only on special occasions, for example formal dinners in halls of residence, University Chapel services and the Pier Walk when students meet in St Salvator's Quad before walking down to and along the Pier, climbing up the ladder at the end and back along the higher, more precarious, path.


Students wear the red gown in different ways depending on which year they are in. First years wear theirs fully on the shoulders, then in second year off the shoulders. Third years wear the gown off the left shoulder if they are arts students and the right shoulder if they are studying science. A fourth year student will wear the gown off both shoulders, across the elbow.


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