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photo of scottesque tartan design 2International Structures and Connections in the Fashion Industry since 1945

Fashion is often studied from a purely theoretical perspective, from a costume history or dress history viewpoint, or from a popular media-driven vantage point. This project breaks new ground, using the fashion business to examine various types of cultural encounters – between “core” fashion cities such as Paris and London and “peripheral” areas such as Sweden and Scotland.

This European Union-funded project involves researchers from the universities of Leeds, Erasmus Rotterdam, Oslo, Newcastle, St Andrews, and Heriot-Watt, and from the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Centre for Business History Stockolm. The project is coordinated by Leeds University.

The St Andrews contribution will examine Scottish businesses, particularly fashion designers and textile manufacturers, to understand the opportunities for the engagement of culturally specific, local textiles with the fashion industry in the UK and abroad.  Tartan and tweed both play an important role in the creative output and cultural heritage of Scotland, but are on the periphery of the fashion market, both in terms of geography and use in fashion design.

Three ICC researchers are conducting the St Andrews project: Professor Barbara Townley, Dr. Shiona Chillas, and Mindy Grewar.

For more information on the project, visit http://arts.leeds.ac.uk/enterpriseofculture/

Photo: Scottesque 2013 Collection: www.scottesque.co.uk

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