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West End theatresGeodemographic Analysis of Arts Attendance

PhD Student:
Orian Brook

Orian's research will have a wide geographic basis as she considers the rates of arts attendance at major venues in London and Scotland. Using spatial modelling and vast datasets, Orian will explore the importance of a neighbourhood's socio-economic and demographic characteristics, and its distance from venues and commuting patterns, in influencing how residents access arts venues. The research has been commissioned by The Audience Agency (formerly Audiences London), Glasgow Grows Audiences and The Audience Business although her findings also will benefit local and national governments, funders of cultural activities, and venues.

Brook, O. (2013). "Reframing models of arts attendance: Understanding the role of access to a venue. The case of opera in London”. Cultural Trends 22:2, pp 97-107.
Brook, O. (2008) Monitoring Audience Diversity. Audiences London.
Brook. O. (2011). International Comparisons of Public Participation in Culture and Sport. London: DCMS.
DCMS blog by Orian Brook on the Culture and Sport Evidence Programme


ESRC Capacity Building Clusters Conference 2013: O. Brook, Relating Cultural Participation to Cultural Opportunities (PDF, 507 KB)

Royal Geographical Society International Conference 2013: 1) Failing to plan for culture: how cultural engagement depends on access to cultural facilities; 2)A Spatial Interaction (gravity) Model of Cultural Consumption in Scotland 

Company Partner: The Audience Agency
Academic Partner: School of Geography & Geosciences, University of St Andrews

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