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Orchestrating a UNESCO City of Music

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PhD Student: 
Honor Tuohy

Honor started on the Glasgow City of Music project in 2009, just as it launched its agenda to stimulate social, economic and cultural development related to music. While the City team works to increase participation, talent, and visibility, Honor’s research will analyse strategies for network building, evaluating impact, demonstrating value and benefit, and interpreting research results. Her results will be shared with a variety of public and industry audiences, including other members of the international UNESCO Creative Cities network.

“Including Honor in the City of Music team brings an outside perspective and fresh thinking to our work,” said Louise Mitchell, former Director of Glasgow UNESCO City of Music.  “She makes a strong contribution to our activities and is also able to act as a critical friend, politely questioning decisions and giving feedback on how the organisation is perceived.”

See also: Space and Place Music Industry Seminar, October 25 2010

Company Sponsor: Glasgow City of Music

Academic Partners: School of Management, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

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