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Developing and measuring value

The impact of investments in cultural facilities

McManus Gallery Dundee "Six Times" sculpture in Edinburgh by Antony Gormley
(left) The McManus Gallery, Dundee; (right) "Six Times" sculpture in Edinburgh, by Antony Gormley

Through 2014, Dundee and Edinburgh city councils are jointly sponsoring two student researchers to assess the cities’ cultural offerings. The current economic climate necessitates that all partners in the delivery of public sector services demonstrate the value of their work, but finding agreement on appropriate measures to define that value is difficult. These studentships, one taking a qualitative approach and the other a quantitative view, aim to design a holistic set of measures that will gauge the cities’ overall cultural engagement, describe their contributions and enable meaningful statements of cultural value to be made to a variety of audiences.

Culture-led Regeneration in Urban Communities

Student: Ciaran McDonald

Beyond Impact: Capturing the value of culture

Student: Lorenzo Pergola

Dundee City Council

Edinburgh City Council

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