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Game Design: Sustainable Innovation through Recyclable Process and Adaptive Teams

PhD Student: Chris Lowthorpe

What exactly is this thing called digital game design? Is it design, development, or both? Is it art or science? Does it bridge the gap – opened during industrialization – between design and production? Is there an 'ideal process' that can be used to find solutions to almost any game design problem? What design processes and philosophies exist and how effective are they. And what might we learn from successful game design processes at both a commercial and societal level?

My research aims to inform and contribute to the practice, discourse, and pedagogy of game design in the UK. By observing the team at industry sponsor Denki, I hope to assess their unusually defined design process and philosophy by observing effects on the team, organization, and final product. Later I hope to conduct similar research with other developers.

The research will explore the benefits of sharing successful design processes and philosophies, and possible methods for such an exchange of knowledge. Testing transferability through ‘live’ student game design projects, it will attempt to evaluate whether sharing processes can lead to sustainable innovation and help ensure the future of the UK game sector in a challenging and changing marketplace.

Company Sponsor: Denki

Academic Partner: School of Arts, Media & Computer Games, Abertay University

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