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image of report cover for Capitalising on CreativityFrom 2008 to 2015, ICC’s primary focus was research enabled by a £1.5 million grant from the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC). This Capacity Building Cluster (grant RES 187-24-0014) had two specific aims:

  • to ensure Scotland has the capacity to sustain and enhance a vibrant creative industries base
  • to conduct industry-led research which builds a strong knowledge base of the sector in Scotland

A full-colour pdf of the final report of the project can be downloaded here:

Capitalising on Creativity report (PDF, 6,185 KB)

The Capitalising on Creativity programme was designed to enhance collaborative research and knowledge sharing between creative and cultural industries and higher education institutions in Scotland, a goal which has been achieved through more than 65 research projects and outreach activities, and the involvement of 58 students, academics and associate researchers; the staff and stakeholders of 31 cultural and creative industry organisations; and 16 additional academic and funding organisations. The structure of the grant provided for specific forms of knowledge production, each involving industry partners in identifying and helping drive the research, thereby returning benefits to their own organisations and to the sector as a whole. The award provided for 17 CASE PhDs, 2 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), 22 Business Vouchers, 6 industry Placements, and a programme of 32 public engagement and dissemination events.

“Capacity” is the productive links between academic and industry partners and networks to collaboratively create and disperse knowledge in the sector. The goals of the Capacity Building Cluster arose from observations that while Scotland’s creative industries have achieved international regard for their output, and that the UK creative industries’ impressive economic growth is seen as an important contributor to national income, Scottish practitioners and managers typically think of the need to ‘go south’ in order to advance their goals. At the level of individual skills, a deficiency in business skills and acumen present difficulties for capitalising on creative output. The sector as a whole suffers from the small scale of its operations, under capitalisation, and high levels of risk that makes access to credit finance difficult. Thus the CBC was focussed on the need to ensure that Scotland has the capacity to enhance a vibrant creative industries sector, supported by sustained research of the sector.



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