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Townley, B. (ed.) (2015). Creative Industries Scotland: Capitalising on Creativity. St Andrews: Institute for Capitalising on Creativity.









From 2008 to 2015, ICC’s primary focus was a ground-breaking £1.5 million research grant from the Economic & Social Research Council (RES 187-24-0014).

A Capacity Building Cluster of industry, government and academic stakeholders, ICC delivered 65 research projects and outreach activities involving:

  • 58 students, academics and associate researchers
  • 31 cultural and creative industry organisations
  • 16 additional academic and funding organisations
  • 17 ESRC collaborative industry PhD studentships
  • 2 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  • 22 Business Vouchers investigations
  • 6 industry Placements
  • 32 public engagement and dissemination events

For details follow the links on right, and download the final report:
Capitalising on Creativity report (PDF, 6,185 KB)

The report illustrates how the project's diverse partners and settings map the cultural and creative industries in Scotland. It helps practitioners, policy makers and academics to understand the field by analysing the interplay of four capitals – intellectual, social, cultural, and economic - and their essential roles in generating the economic activity for which the creative industries are commonly praised. Based on the work of sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, the framework offers a theoretically informed route away from the cultural/economic dichotomy that bedevils typical debate and frequently leads to impasse.


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