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03-19-2019: ICC partners £11.5m videogames research

InGAME logoThrough 2023, ICC is partnering Abertay and Dundee universities in a UKRI Research Council project to advance the videogames industry cluster in Dundee. InGAME will deliver an R&D Centre providing research, support and services for the games and media industry in the city and beyond. Local and international industry partners will join university researchers to increase the value and scale of the cluster through cutting edge research and innovation in creative, technological and collaborative business processes.

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Creating Economy: Enterprise, Intellectual Property, and the Valuation of Goods

book cover2 Creating Economy‌New book reveals how creatives become entrepreneurs

Among the most forceful dynamics of 21st century global interaction is the ‘creative economy’, that tumble of technological, social, and cultural production into which entire nations are hooking their strategies for survival. But how has the lonely artist in the attic fared? Can creative genius translate to sustainability in a world of digital disruption and gig economics?

Creating Economy is a new book by ICC scholars Barbara Townley, Philip Roscoe and Nicola Searle and published by Oxford University Press. It demonstrates how creative individuals—today’s makers of films, videogames, fashion and more--are successfully transforming into creative entrepreneurs. While remaining dedicated to their art, creatives are becoming economic agents who manage risk, extract revenues and protect their future profits. Key to the process, the book reveals, is their grasp of the intellectual property (IP) that resides in their work and which is enshrined in law. More information.

Creating Economy was published 30 January 2019 by Oxford University Press. Publisher website.

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