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Rates of Pay

Hourly rates of pay for casual work (August 2018).

 AreaJob TitleRate of PayBased on
Research Research Assistant £14.34 Grade 5, point 23
Teaching* Laboratory / Workshop Demonstrator (Assistant) £12.02 Grade 4, point 17
  Laboratory / Workshop Demonstrator (Lead) £14.34 Grade 5, point 23
  Lecturer £17.61 Grade 6, point 30
  Tutoring £14.34 Grade 5, point 23
Admissions Student Ambassadors £9.00 Grade 1, point 3
Development - Telephone Campaigns Telephone Campaign Caller £9.00 Grade 2, point 5
  Training for Telephone Campaign Caller £9.00 Grade 1, point 3
Residential & Business Services / Estates Housekeeping £9.00 Grade 1, point 3
  Kitchen Portering £9.00 Grade 1, point 3
  Food Preparartion £9.00 Grade 1, point 3
  Cleaning £9.00 Grade 1, point 3
Invigilating Chief Invigilators £11.68 Grade 3, point 16
  Invigilators £9.42 Grade 2, point 8
Clerical Standard clerical work (e.g. filing, data entry, reception duties, etc.) £9.00 Grade 1, point 3


* For further information on payment for preparation, marking, attending meetings etc please see Hourly paid casual teaching staff.

Other rates

  • Where the casual work is to provide cover for an existing role within the School/Unit that has already been graded please detail this on the casual contract (i.e. covering work for X at Grade Y) - the pay rate in this situation should be based on the first point of the appropriate grade;
  • For all other casual work, where the rate has not been authorised, please contact the HERA Team on ext: 1650 ( with details of the role prior to the work being undertaken in order that the rate of pay can be confirmed.

Please ensure that, for any casual work, a contract is completed and submitted to Salaries prior to any work being undertaken.

It is the responsibility of the School/Unit to ensure that the casual worker receives any holiday pay due at the end of their contract.

All hourly rates noted above will increase in line with cost of living awards.


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