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Frequently Asked Questions about Casual Staff


What is a Bank Worker?

A bank worker is someone you wish to employ on an adhoc basis or undefined working hours and the period you require them is more than 12 continuous weeks.

How do I find out if the person I want to engage is already a bank worker?

You can access Qlikview for casual staff at Business Intelligence

This will tell you in alphabetical order if the individual is already a bank worker, together with the start and end date of their bank worker contract.

I do not have access to Qlikview for casual staff, how do I obtain this?

Please email Qlikview who will action it as soon as possible.

Where do I find the documentation I need to complete to create a bank worker?

This can be found at Employing Casual Staff

If they are already a bank worker what documentation do I have to do?

If they are already in the system as a bank worker and the period you wish them to work for you is covered by the dates in Qlikview, all you are required to do is ask them to complete a time sheet with the appropriate hours and hourly rate each month and the appropriate cost centre and authorised. You then scan the time sheet and send to

Does the individual need to complete a P46?

No, the P46 form information is now incorporated in the casual contract form

How long do I make the bank worker contract for?

If they are a student at the University you make the end date of the contract the date on their matriculation card.

How long can I give a contract to an individual when they are not a student?

You can give them a contract for 2 years if you know you will be using them in the future.

What do I do if the individual has a P45?

You must send the P45 to Salaries, however you cannot scan this document - you must send the hard copy.

What do I do with the hard copy of the contract?

Once the contract has been signed by the authorised signatory and the individual, and has been scanned you hand it back to the individual for their records.

What do I do if the person is either no longer required, is not suitable or resigns and they have a bank worker contract?

You will be required to inform Salaries of the end date and provide a forwarding address.

If I complete a timesheet, how does the holiday pay get processed?

You would be required to calculate the holiday pay and enter on timesheet.

What do I do if I am having technical problems with the casual form?

Contact HR Data.

I would like to use the spreadsheet option for payment to staff rather than individual timesheets - who do I contact?

Contact Salaries on ext 2569 or email .

How often can I send in spreadsheets or timesheets?

Once a week or once a month adhering to cut off dates that can be found at Salaries and Pensions .


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