Technical Job Family

Roles in this family focus on the provision of technical, IT and scientific support to research, teaching and support services.  Depending on the area of activity, support provided may be in the form of technical input to teaching provision / programmes, setting up and operating equipment, running experiments and tests, providing a technical design service, giving technical / IT advice, supporting IT systems and databases etc. At higher levels, roles involve the provision of specialised technical advice and support, or managerial responsibility for a technical function or service.  The following types of roles are included in this family:

  • Technicians - Teaching, Research / Laboratory & Workshop (staff / supervisors / chief etc.).
  • IT Support ( IT Technicians / Officers).

Technical Generic Role Descriptor:

If role holders take on duties above the Technical Grade 7 profile and the role were to be regraded, they would move to the Managerial, Specialist & Administrative job family role profiles at grade 8 or grade 9 as appropriate.  At grades 8 and 9, the role will have moved from being a hands on technical role to one which is predominantly managerial in character.