Operational and Facilities Job Family

Roles in this family focus on the operation and running of the University's services and facilities.  They involve service provision to the University's staff, students and the wider community.  Some roles will be responsible for providing the service personally, others will be responsible for overseeing / managing effective service provision. The following types of roles / functions are included in this family:

  • Trades / Grounds (staff / foremen / managers); Residences (catering / housekeeping, deputy / assistant managers, managers); Cleaners (staff / supervisors / managers); Maintenance / Security (staff / supervisors); Sports Staff (attendants / supervisors) etc.

Operational and Facilities Generic Role Descriptors:

If role holders take on duties above the Operational & Facilities Grade 7 profile, and the role was regraded, they would move to the Managerial, Specialist & Administrative job family role profiles at grade 8 or grade 9 as appropriate.  At this level, the role is likely to be less of a hands on operational role and move to one which is predominantly managerial in character.