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Recruitment & Selection Online Training Module

By completing the Online 'Recruitment & Selection Online Training Module', users are able to be aware of how discrimination laws relate to recruitment/selection and the University process.  

  • The online module has been developed to be non-flash therefore using “HTML 5” in order to compatible with screen reader software.  
  • The module takes approximately 30+ minutes to complete.
  • To commence the start of the module you will need to enrol online. 

Download: Online Recruitment Training Instructions (PDF, 595 KB)

Starting the module: 

  1. Log onto webpage: or if a new user please log onto webpage: - use your current University email address but please use a different password.   

  2. If a new user, type your name and select your school or unit.

  3. Select “Catalogue” 

  4. Choose “Recruitment and Selection” and select “Enrol in Course” then "Yes"

  5. Select “Launch” 

  6. You will then be logged into to the start of the Online 'Recruitment & Selection' Training Module course with learning and quizzes concluding with a final assessment test of 10 questions with a 60% pass mark - however the test can be re-taken as required.


  • Once completed select the "dashboard" tab and it will take you back to your learning dashboard.
  • Select "Completed" then “print” for your certificate”.
  • The HR E&D Officer monitors all staff completions with HR Recruitment, the course contributes towards your Professional and Personal Development with OSDS

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