The curriculum feedback form for anti-colonial practice


The curriculum feedback form for inclusive and anti-colonial practice is a University-wide feedback mechanism open to all students, including post graduate students who teach, to provide feedback about inclusive and anti-colonial practice and content (or lack thereof) in the curriculum. Students are welcome to engage with the form to:

  • Provide examples of inclusive and or anti-colonial content (including decolonisation) or practice they like and would like to see continue.
  • Speak to areas of the curriculum they feel warrant further reform or things they would like to see included going forward. 


In completing the form, students should not feel obliged to engage with the form in its entirety (through answering all questions). Engaging with the form is voluntary, and students are therefore welcome to complete as many or as few questions as they deem relevant. Where students provide their names and express that they wish to be contacted (rather than feeding back anonymously), contact will be made within three weeks of submitting the feedback. An anonymised blog post will be published periodically across the term, summarising all feedback received and any ensuing actions. 

The University continues to encourage students to provide feedback via existing mechanisms, including  Module Evaluation Questionnaires (MEQ's) and via the Student’s Association.

When using this form, students are welcome to feedback anonymously or indicate that they wish to be contacted for further enquiry. In these instances, please expect a response within three weeks. Whilst staff will see all feedback (anonymous or otherwise) received, please note that where students choose to engage anonymously, staff will be unable to provide direct, individual feedback to students or engage with the student further about the feedback provided. In these instances, we urge students to visit the [Students Association webpage/designated inclusive webpage] to read summarised updates pertaining to all feedback received.

Report and support

The University of St Andrews is committed to creating a culture of inclusivity, diversity, equality and safety for students and staff. Please note that the inclusive and anti-colonial curriculum feedback form is not intended to capture instances of bullying, harassment, discrimination, or violence, even if they occur during formal teaching. We have a zero- tolerance approach to any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence. Such behaviour is contrary to the values and ideals of our shared community, and should these behaviours arise the University urges members of our community to use our report and support tool.


Special thanks to the BAME Subcommittee of the Students Association; the feedback form was initiated by the BAME Subcommittee of the Students Association and developed collaboratively with the Proctor’s/Deans office and EDI team to create a feedback mechanism for inclusive and anti-colonial practice in the curriculum.

St Andrews students submit feedback

Data management process

The data management process flowchart below details the life-cycle of submitting information, all those who will have visibility of the submitted forms and the timelines for each outcome.