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School of Management

This webpage provides a list of meetings relating to Athena SWAN activity, including Self Assessment Team (SAT) meetings.

Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team Membership:

  • Lynn Balfour, School Manager
  • Dr Boyka Bratanova, Lecturer in Management
  • Dr Anna Brown, School Administrator
  • Dr Shiona Chillas, Lecturer and Director of MLitt HRM
  • Martin Dowling, Director of Operations and Co-Director of Teaching
  • Siobhan Dumbreck, Research Student
  • Jasmin Hinds, Research Student
  • Dr Sandra Romenska, Senior Teaching Fellow & Co-Director of Teaching
  • Nikolai Rothermel, School President
  • Dr Shona Russell, Lecturer in Knowledge and Practice & Honours Director
  • Lorna Stevenson, Co-Head of School
  • Prof Kevin Orr, Co-Head of Schoool
  • Sam Letham, PGT Administrator
  • Prof Ruth Woodfield, Equality and Diversity Officer

Meeting dates:

30 September 2015

10 February 2016

4 March 2016

Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team meeting with Sukhi Bains, Head of Equality and Diversity, about Athena Swan Bronze award submission process

19 April 2016

Short Life Working Group – focus group discussion on questions for School of Management Equality and Diversity survey relating to work/life balance.

Membership: Dr Shiona Chillas (Lead), Prof Jan Bebbington; Dr Boyka Bratanova; Dr Maka Khalik; Dr Linh Nguyen.

7 November 2016

Meeting to discuss the results of the School of Management Equality & Diversity staff survey.

28 November 2016

7 December 2016

Presentation of E&D survey results to Staff Council, including all staff discussion.

15 February 2017

Meeting to discuss progress with submission

1 March 2017

Equality and Diversity Short Life Working Group leads reported to Management Group on discussions covering culture and environment; work allocation; built environment; and reward and recognition

6 March 2017

AS Self-Assessment team meeting to discuss staff and student data, as well as progress with submission. Lindsey Rattray, HR Diversity Assistant joined the meeting

8 March 2017

Equality and Diversity Short Life Working Group leads reported to Staff Council on discussions covering culture and environment; work allocation; built environment; and reward and recognition.

Athena Swan Short Life Working Groups

Following the results of the Equality and Diversity staff survey, the School of Management initiated four short life working groups to further explore the pertinent issues arising from the survey.  All members of staff were invited to join the working groups.  Thr groups were taksed with producing a short report that made suggestions for policy amendments of changes in relation to their specific group remit.  The reports were presented to the School Management Group of 1 March, and Staff Council on 8 March 2017.

SLWG 1: Maintaining and further developing the culture/working environment of the School (Lead: Anna Brown; Dates met:  Monday 6 February, Monday 20 February)

Membership – Dr Anna Brown; Dr Andrew Timming; Dr Alina Baluch; Bonnie Hacking; Prof Brad MacKay; Prof Huw Davies; Jennifer Kerr; Julie Brooks; Dr Lucy Wishart; Prof Kirstie Ball; Dr Laurence Lasselle.

SLWG 2: Further developing reward and recognition within the School (Lead: Boyka Bratanova; Dates met: Monday 13 February)

Membership – Dr Lisi Gordon; Dr Shiona Chillas; Dr Boyka Bratanova; Lorna Stevenson; Prof Kevin Orr.

SLWG 3: Calculating and representing work contribution in the School (Lead: Ruth Woodfield; Dates met: Monday 13th Feb and Monday 20th Feb)

Membership -  Prof John Ferguson; Julie Brooks; Dr Boyka Bratanova; Prof. Ruth Woodfield; Prof Sandra Nutley; Lorna Stevenson; Prof Kevin Orr; Dr Philip Roscoe.

SLWG 4: Developing the built environment and teaching space within the School (Lead: Sandra Romenska; Date met: Monday 27 February)

Membership - Dr Anna Brown; Julie Brooks; Dr Lucy Wishart; Dr Ross Brown; Dr Sandra Romenska. 

Other meetings of note:

8 March 2016

Academic staff meeting with Head of HR to discuss new promotion criteria and processes for anyone interested in promotion in the next few years.


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