Self-Help: Alcohol

Drinking responsibly:

Knowing your units to keep a "drinks diary" to schedule drink-free days or cutting down on unit intake, could lead to long-term personal and professional benefits. - Download: Self-Help on Alcohol flyer (PDF, 411 KB)        

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Top Ten examples of benefits of drinking responsibly:
1) You'll begin to notice you'll sleep better
2) Your eyes and skin will seem brighter
3) You'll feel more alert and better able to concentrate at work
4) You'll have more energy when you spend time with family or friends
5) You'll have more money to spend on the other things for happiness
6) You may find you start to lose weight
7) You'll have less headaches
8) You may suffer from less stomach complaints
9) You'll feel more in control
10) You'll help to reduce your risk of serious illness

Alcohol specific to Men:
Sensible drinking limits = no more than 3-4 units a day/21 units a week.  
Heavy drinking could impact Behaviour; Fertility; Gout; Skin; or Weight gain.

Alcohol specific to Women:
Sensible drinking limits = no more than 2-3 units a day/14 units a week.               

Heavy drinking could impact Breast cancer; Contraception; Fertility; Period; Personal safety; or Pregnancy (before and after). 

Alcohol specific to Religion & Belief:
Fasting during key dates and orthodox faith practice may not allow colleagues to drink alcohol, even in the use of food in different religions and beliefs, such as:

Alcohol specific to exclusion:
Participation at events or meetings where there is pressure to drink alcohol in order to "fit-in" with the environment, could create barriers to participation by colleagues due to:

Alcohol specific to Health - High alcohol consumption could negatively impact:
- Blood pressure
- Cancer
- Diabetes
- Fertility
- Heart disease
- Immune System
- Liver Disease
- Memory
- Stress: Frequently using alcohol to deal with stress could create erratic sleeping patterns; leading to anxiety; or enhancing depression, also refer to:

- Weight
   How many calories are in your drink?


Calories in Alcohol



Calories (kcal)

Food equivalent

White wine (175ml) (11% ABV)



One small bag of crisps

Red wine (175ml) (11% ABV)



One small slice of sponge cake

Lager (pint) (4% ABV)



One small sausage roll

Premium lager (pint) (5% ABV)



One scotch egg

Bitter (pint) (4% ABV)



One glazed ring doughnut

Cider (pint) (5% ABV)



Beans on toast

Cream liqueur (50ml) (17% ABV)



One chicken drumstick

Alcopop (330ml) (5% ABV)



A 50g block of medium cheddar cheese

Spirits serving (25ml) (37.5% ABV)



A 25ml serving of single cream

Source: NHS Choices – your health, your choices


Support & Help Available


Locally - Fife Alcohol Support Service (FASS):
In partnership with NHS & Fife Council, staff can be referred or access themselves confidential services such as:

  • Alcohol diversion
  • Employee assistance
  • Counselling
  • Local support groups across Fife
  • Refer to website:
  • 'Drinks Diary' support- also refer to leaflet Drinks Diary - FASS (PDF, 393 KB)                                                           

Nationally - Healthier Scotland (Scottish Government):
Online: Guidance on sensible drinking and impacts on health and well-being, refer to:  Phone image
Drinkline: A free national helpline to talk at anytime in confidence about alcohol, call 0800 7 314 314