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Christian Orthodox

Main denominations:
1) Eastern Orthodox (Orthodox Churches covering Greece, Eastern Europe and Russia).
2) Coptic (Egyptian, Syrian, Orthodox Church).

Local Place of Worship: 

St Marks Coptic Orthodox Church of Scotland
264 Links Street
Tel: 01592 643 333



  • Every Sunday worship from 10am to 12:30pm
  • Sunday School & Youth Groups
  • Fife Egyptian Association meetings

Image of when the E&D Officer attended the Sunday Service
in Arabic & English at the St Marks Coptic Church, Kirkcaldy:

Sunday Service in Arabic & English        

St Marks Coptic Church Kirkcaldy 

Inclusion points:

Dress/Jewellery/Identity: Some forbid the use of cosmetics and require their female members to dress particularly modestly.
Drink: Alcohol is not permitted.
Food: Some may abstain from meat on a Friday.
Fasting: Some fast before receiving Holy Communion on Sunday, 40 day fasting before Easter abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, meat and cheese.  Egyptian Coptic Church members observing fasting nearly for 7 months a year and eat vegan food only during this period.

Festivals and Observances:
1) Nativity of Christ.
2) Christmas Eve: Celebrated as the day before Christmas Day.
3) Christmas Day: Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
4) Good Friday: Observance of the death of Jesus Christ (two days before Easter).
5) Easter Day: Observance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
6) Sundays are observed for a day of worship.



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