Cultural Groups

Fife Migrants Forum

The University also created a partnership with the Fife Migrants Forum on promoting the University to the migrant population across Fife: 


The University is a racial equality engagement partner of FRAE Fife. The organisation is an influential strategic member of the Scottish Parliament Race Equality Group, plus has links with ethnic minority groups across Scotland and Northern England.  

To further widen the University ethnic staff diversity, a positive outreach advert was on published (pg 14) in the: FRAE Fife Sept Newsletter 2013 (PDF, 3,712 KB)

FRAE Fife advert

FRAE Fife have also consulted via the E&D Officer on University initiatives:

FRAE Fife capacity builds the following cultural community groups across:

  1. Bahai Community of Dunfermline 
  2. Bengali Cultural Association - East Scotland 
  3. Dunfermline Islamic Centre 
  4. Dunfermline Muslim Women's Group 
  5. Dunfermline Urdu School 
  6. FAME Women 
  7. FAME Youth 
  8. Fife Arabic Society 
  9. Fife Asian Social Group 
  10. Fife Chinese Cultural Society 
  11. Fife Chinese Older People's Association 
  12. Fife Chinese School 
  13. Fife Chinese Association 
  14. Fife Chinese Women's Association 
  15. Fife Islamic Centre - Glenrothes 
  16. Fife Muslim Educational & Cultural Centre- Cadham Glenrothes 
  17. Fife Pakistan Association 
  18. The Polish School in Fife
  19. Fife Polish Club School 
  20. Polish Ex-Serviceman Club 
  21. Heatherywood Travelling Community Association 
  22. Inter Bardar Sport Club 
  23. Kingdom Africa
  24. Kirkcaldy Central Mosque & Community Centre 
  25. Kirkcaldy Islamic Centre - Kings Mosque
  26. Kismet Leisure Group 
  27. Phil-Scot Fife 
  28. Fife Egyptian Association 
  29. Voice Of Women 
  30. West Fife Asian Old People's Association 
  31. Southern Agenda 
  32. Thai Women's Association of Scotland 
  33. Malawian Initiative For National Development (MIND) 
  34. YTC Ummah Foundation

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