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2.1 Inclusive Job Descriptions

Accurately describe the job; being mindful of inclusion of any tasks or duties that workers will not, in practice, need to perform, could result in two main concerns:

a) It may discourage appropriately qualified people from applying because they cannot perform the particular task or fulfill the particular duty specified.

b) It may also lead to discrimination claims if such people believe they have been unfairly denied an opportunity of applying.

Ensure requirements listed in the description are relevant to that job, non-relevant duties could lead to excluding people from applying.

To ask for a driving licence as a qualification for an office job involving a small amount of travelling. This is likely to be discriminatory to a disabled person with mobility problems who could do this part of the job by using public transport.


Job Titles - Should be sex/gender neutral in order not show a predetermined bias:

Job Title: Convert to Gender Neutral Title:
Businessman Business Manager, Executive, Head of Business
Cameraman Camera Operator, Photographer, Camera Crew
Chairman Chair, Chairperson, Presiding Officer
Craftsman Craftsperson
Foreman Foreperson
Groundsman Groundsperson
Layman Layperson
Salesman Sales Assistant, Sales Staff
Spokesman Spokesperson, Representative
Tradesman Tradesperson



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