Example 2 of E&DI in Funding

Funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council of £452,062 a three-year long (2013-16) collaborative project that comprises of the universities of Newcastle, Edinburgh and St Andrews, has utilised the networking partners of the E&D Officer to help meet main project targets.

The E&D Officer was invited by the University's project lead Dr Gurchathen S Sanghera of International Relations, to provide specialist advice on racial equality and for guidance on external community engagement.

As stated within the SFC Outcome Agreement St Andrews (2013-14) (PDF, 165 KB), the E&D Officer is assisting Schools to ensure that Research activity takes into account the diverse range of regional and national equality groups. In this case, the networking partner FRAE Fife and their cultural groups are taking part in essential consultation as part of the funding requirement.

Due to the lack of current research, this project seeks to understand how international, national and local political events shape the everyday experiences of young ethnic and religious minority people in Scotland, Download: YPEG project leaflet (PDF, 505 KB) 

The project also takes into account findings from the ECU project 'Attracting International Students' which the E&D Officer led the University’s participation on in 2012.

Image of Dr Gurchathen S Sanghera and Naeem Khalid, Manager of FRAE Fife:

IR & FRAE Fife pic