Example 1 of E&DI in Funding

The School of Medicine received specialist assistance for their annual 'General Medical Council' equalities report and compliance to the Scottish Government and the SFC:
“The input from the University’s E&D Officer was very useful and a vital part of the success of our application to the ‘Scottish Government’s International Development Fund’.  Many public bodies and grant awarding organisations now include E&D aspects and requirements to their funding criteria, so addressing these is vital for successful funding applications.

The E&D Officer is a one-stop shop for advice and information on these issues, and will even complete the relevant part of the forms for you.  There is a huge repository of knowledge and expertise, which I urge everyone to take advantage of”.

- statement by Prof Simon Guild, Deputy Head of School of Medicine (May 2012) following assistance on annual compliance and Scottish Government Teaching project grant of £250k