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Difference between the EA and the DDA

What is the difference between the Equality Act (EA) (2010) and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) (1995)?

The EA generally carries forward protection by the DDA with the following differences:

  • Unlike the DDA, the EA protects disabled people against direct discrimination in areas beyond the employment field.

  • The EA introduced improved protection from discrimination that occurs because of something connected with a person’s disability. 

  • The EA introduced the principle of indirect discrimination for disability. 

  • The EA applies one trigger point at which there is a duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people. 

  • The EA extends protection from harassment that is disability related. 

  • The EA provides protection from direct disability discrimination and harassment on association and perception.

  • The EA contains a provision which limits the type of enquiries that a recruiting employer can make about disability and health when recruiting new staff. 

Download a detailed list of changes: EA changes from DDA (PDF, 354 KB)




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