Visual/Sight Impairment

The University's Alternative Format Suite advises Schools and Staff in Units on the use of screen reading software if required by the staff due to visual impairment.

Users should take into account the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) standard.

Screen reader software

A screen reader is a form of software that can act as a 'reasonable adjustment' in the workplace for a staff member by using the software to to read out what is written on the screen and use assistive functions on the pc or laptop. As stated on the webpage Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)' Guide to Assistive Technology a screen reader does much more than just read text, it will allow you to navigate round your computer using speech. For instance, it can tell you:

  • what page or file you are in
  • what icons are on the screen
  • what webpage you are on
  • whether a link in the web page has been visited
  • whether a tick box is ticked or unticked
  • if some text is underlined

Where PDF's are requested to be read, try to ensure that Word documents are also provided especially if there's heavy reliance one images. Adobe’s accessibility website can be accessed for additional help/features.

Further online information