Mental Health adjustments tips

Staff Policies:

External workplace online info:

Top ten tips for Managers:

  1. Talk about mental ill-health – you can help to break down the stigma by talking about it at work.

  2. Look out for signs of mental ill-health e.g. changes in typical behaviour.

  3. Ask the individual what they need and what the triggers might be– tailor adjustments to the specific needs and abilities of the individual.

  4. Focus on what the person can do – not what they can’t.

  5. Be flexible – some mental health conditions are episodic.

  6. Keep talking when an employee is absent or returning from sickness absence.

  7. Allow variations in working hours and take a flexible approach to start/finish times and/or allow several short breaks instead of one main lunch break.

  8. Offer more support when needed e.g. more 1:1's.

  9. Clearly communicate that support is available to staff and promote wellbeing at work with materials around the workplace.

  10. Keep up to date with the latest sources of help: Mental Health.