Scottish History

In the past generation serious study of Scottish History has undergone a remarkable renaissance, developing from a neglected backwater into an area transformed by modern research and publication.  Many new perspectives and insights into Scotland’s past have been uncovered. Historians of Scotland based in St Andrews have been at the forefront of this renaissance and courses in the School of History provide a taste of this both for students who want to specialise in this field and for students who would just like to know more about Scottish history.  No prior knowledge of Scottish history is required.

In their first year students take ME1006, and one of ME1003, MO1007, MO1008. In their second year, students need to take MO2008, and one of HI2001, ME2003. In addition to these, students have the opportunity to take other courses in Mediaeval, Modern or Middle Eastern History, as well as other subjects offered across the University. 

Having passed their first and second year courses students may then take advanced level classes in Scottish History over their final two years.  Current courses cover, for example, the Picts, the Wars of Independence, the Scottish Enlightenment and Scottish social problems. Students meet an academic adviser regularly to discuss and plan their course selections. 

Please note:
Applicants to St Andrews are required to specify on their UCAS application the honours degree which they intend to take. Students may find, however, that in the course of their first two years of study, their interests develop and change and it is not unusual for students to change their degree intention as they enter their final (honours) two years. The breadth of the Scottish first two years, where students usually take at least two other subjects, in addition to their ‘honours’ intention makes this switch possible.