First Level Courses in the School of History

ME1003 The Fall of Rome and the Origins of Europe (400-1000) (previously Transformation and Crisis in the Early Mediaeval World)
The Middle Ages began with the fifth-century crisis of the Roman Empire. This module examines how political, cultural and social life changed in the Byzantine, British and 'barbarian' worlds in response to major upheavals. The first half focuses on the period up to the ninth century, exploring how the West dealt with the collapse and rebuilding of empire, and how the Eastern Empire responded to the Islamic caliphate. In the second half, the module studies how the emerging certainties of the eighth century fell away and new challenges were posed by new invaders, new ideas, and changes in the structures of society. In contrast the East witnessed a gradual Byzantine revival and re-emergence as a major power.

ME1006 Scotland and the English Empire 1070 - 1500
From the aftermath of the Norman Conquest of England to the close of the Fifteenth Century, the history of the island of Britain centred on the development of two monarchies: the English crown and its dominions and the kingdom of Scotland. This module has at its core the relationship between the two realms and comparisons of the different but related societies they contained. The English and Scottish realms are examined as specific examples of northern European kingdoms in the high and later Middle Ages. Attention is paid to their internal development and to issues of national identity but weight is also given to the full range of contacts between the princes and peoples of Britain and the wider world, in particular via the Church and through extensive ties with France and the Low Countries.

MO1007 The Early Modern Western World, c.1450 - c. 1770
This module will look at continental European history in the early modern period, and the expansion of Europe. The British Isles will not be a major focus of this module, but British material will be touched upon as part of broader European comparative treatment of several themes. The module will be structured into two halves: "New Worlds" and "The Struggle for Order": the first half will focus more (but not exclusively) on the period c.1450 - c.1600, the second half more on the period c.1600 - c.1770.

MO1008 Themes in Late Modern History (c.1776 - 1989)
This module provides a thematic coverage of major political and social developments in the Western world during the 19th and 20th centuries. By adopting a thematic rather than chronological structure, it highlights continuities and ruptures in modern European, American and Middle Eastern history, with an emphasis on comparative approaches to subjects like revolution, ideology and rapid social and cultural change that have shaped the modern world.