ME4807 The  Early Mendicants: Francis,  Clare  &  Dominic c. 1180 - 1270
Lecturer Professor Frances Andrews (Room 14, 71 South Street)
Credits 60
Availability Not available 2019-20
Class Hour Wednesday am
Description This course will use a rare combination of written and visual sources to examine and compare the personalities, careers and impact of Saints Francis, Clare and Dominic and the Orders they founded. Themes to be considered will include the influence of their immediate predecessors in the 'evangelical awakening' , the problems posed by the sources for the lives of the three saints themselves,  poverty, mendicancy and itinerant preaching,  institutional developments and relations with the papacy, the secular church, the inquisition and the universities. A particular concern will be the distinction between male and female experiences of the religious life.
Basic Reading
  • Francis of Assisi, Early Documents, ed. Regis J. Armstrong, Wayne Hellmann and William J. Short, vol. 1 (New York, 2001)
  • Early Dominicans: Selected Writings, ed. S.Tugwell (London, 1982)
  • Clare of Assisi.  Early Documents, ed. R. J. Armstrong (St Bonaventure, NY., 2006)

Course Structure

One two- to three-hour meeting per week

Assessment 60% examination
40% course work inclusive of one oral assessment

Learning Outcomes

  • ability to undertake close textual analysis, particularly of hagiographical and other narrative sources
  • awareness of relationships between visual and written evidence
  • understanding of differing historiographical approaches to ecclesiastical and religious history
Restrictions Available only to students in the second year of the Honours Programme