ME3602 The Crusades viewed from the other side: Muslim perspectives
Lecturer Professor Carole Hillenbrand
Credits 30
Availability Semester 2, 2017-18
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Description This course examines the phenomenon of the Crusades from Muslim viewpoints.  It analyses the impact of the First Crusade on the unprepared Muslim populations of Syria, Palestine and Egypt and their initial responses. It discusses the issue of the defilement of Muslim sacred space in Jerusalem and the gradual revitalisation of jihad and the role of that concept in the Muslim recovery of the lands conquered by the Crusaders.  Military aspects of the conflict are also analysed.  The socio-cultural impact of Muslim-Crusader co-existence for almost two centuries will also be discussed.   The importance of the key figure of Saladin will be highlighted. Students will also look at modern Muslim discourse about the Crusades and the way in which they are re-interpreted in polemical writings today.  
Basic Reading
  • J. Riley-Smith, The Crusades:  a Short History (London, 1987)
  • H.E. Mayer, The Crusades (Oxford, 1988)
  • J. France, The Crusades and the Expansion of Latin Christendom, 1000-1714 (London, 2005)

Course Structure

One two-hour meeting per week

Assessment 60% examination - 3-hour paper
40% coursework three pieces of work one of which may be an oral assessment

Learning Outcomes

  • study of a key theme of mediaeval society
  • appreciation of the main scholarly issues and debates
  • development of skills in reading and analysing primary sources
Restrictions None
Resource Lists