ME3407 Courtroom Dramas:  Literature, Law and Lordship
Lecturer Prof John G H Hudson (Room 9, 71 South Street)
Credits 30
Availability Not available 2019-20
Class Hour  
Description This option examines the literary, socio-political and legal culture of the secular aristocracy in England and Northern France during the twelfth century, with particular concentration upon the vernacular literature of the period.  It considers honour and shame;  the sources and uses of seigniorial power, kinship and family;  gender;  love and other emotions;  counsel;  violence and peace making;  courtroom skills and procedures.
Basic Reading
  • Song of Roland
  • Beroul, Tristan
  • Chretian de Troyes, Lancelot

Course Structure

One two-hour meeting per week


60% examination - 3-hour paper
40% coursework - 3 pieces of work one of which may be an oral assessment


Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to approaches to literary texts
  • Development of use of social and cultural anthropology
  • Increasing historiographical awareness, and capacity for historiographical debate
  • Development of independent study in a group context
Restrictions None
Resource Lists