ME3303 The Renaissance in Scotland 1450-1550
Lecturer Professor Roger Mason (St Katharine’s Lodge, Room 1.16)
Credits 30
Availability Not available 2018-19
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Description The century between 1450 and 1550 was a true 'golden age' of Scottish culture, encompassing not only the literary output of the great Makars - Henryson, Dunbar, Douglas and Lindsay - but also a rich variety of other cultural achievements in the fields as diverse ad philosophy, music and architecture. The purpose of this course is to explore the full range of Scottish cultural life in the Renissance period in its social and political contexts and with reference to the wider world of European culture.

See some of the highlights of this module can be found on the School blog, in the words of the ME3303 class of 2012-13.

Basic Reading M Brown and R Tanner (eds), Scottish Kingship 1306 - 1542 (2008)
C Edington, Court and Culture in Renaissance Scotland (1994)
D MacMillan, Scottish Art (1990)

Course Structure

  1. Introduction
  2. A golden age of Scottish culture?
  3. Court culture in the 15th century
  4. The culture of the clergy
  5. The culture of the laity
  6. Humanism and print culture
  7. The Makars
  8. Renaissance kingship: royal architecture
  9. Renaissance kingship: iconography and spectacle
  10. Humanism and religious reform
  11. The court of James V
Assessment 60% examination - 3-hour paper
40% coursework

Learning Outcomes

  • Experience in the use and interpretation of non-documentary sources
  • Broadening awareness of the inter-relationship between politics and culture
Restrictions SC3023
Other The module is also available to Modern History students (at the discretion of the Chair of the MO Degree)
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